Luxembourg is an appealing, beautiful and historic city. It is also among the most beautiful places in Europe. The city's architecture combines the very best of classic European styles with newer innovations like the"Luxemburg Circle". The cuisine in Luxembourg is exquisite too and ranges from easy country chow to gourmet delicacies. Indeed, the town of Luxembourg, together with its incredible cuisine, is as popular today as it was centuries ago.

The history of Luxembourg dates back to the Iron Age, which is evident from the remains of a medieval settlement and pottery which date from the third century BC. Luxembourg has a wide variety of attractions, like the Loge de L'Art Blanc and the Luxembourg Museum. Along with being an important art center, the museum explores the history of the city and its spiritual, artistic and cultural heritage.

In town heart of Luxembourg you will find many well-known restaurants and pubs. The Xantherin, for instance, is a designed bar that combines the latest global cuisine with old-world allure. It has two restaurants: the"Le Burger" that delivers gourmet cuisine and also the Barriers et Chocolat, which function as traditional, regional cuisine. Another favourite restaurant in the city is that the Le Burger Brasserie, which specializes in gourmet chicken dishes.

The most popular dishes served from the city are Belgian and French cuisine. Some of the very common French dishes include foie gras and brie. Italian cuisine is popular as well, especially goulash. The city is a culinary capital, because it is home to over 30 Italian food businesses.

Many visitors to Luxembourg choose to enjoy the historic sights while also sampling the city's cuisine. The Loge de la Marche is an open-air market that offers excellent fresh atmosphere and bargain shopping. There is a good market place, the Musee de l'Art, which showcases works by local artists. Other attractions include the Municipal Art Gallery, the Luxembourg Mineral Museum, along with the Luxembourg Theater.

If you're looking for more historic websites and places to see in this part of Europe, there is plenty to choose from. By Way of Example, at Luxembourg City, There's the Medieval Town Hall. This seven-thousand year-old church is among the most gorgeous buildings in the world. The St Pierre Abbey can be located in the town, which is a former Romanesque fort. All in all, Luxembourg is an excellent destination for a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of larger cities.